How to take care of baby feeding bottles .


Always make sure you clean baby feeding bottles before and after use. Clean it with soap and brush in warm water. It’s best not to mix baby feeding bottles with other dishes when washing, wash them separately. Some spices from adult food can be very strong and can make the baby throw up especially when they have not yet started weaning.


Regular sterilize the baby feeding bottles and all other feeding accessories, It’s important to do this before the first use. I usually advise sterilizing everything in the morning so that you don’t forget or feel lazy about it during the day.

You can buy an electric sterilizer it’s safe and fast but you cannot have access to that you can also put the feeding bottles in a clean dedicated cooking pot. Fill the pot with water while the bottles are in and allow to boil. Another method is to put the baby feeding bottles in a clean bowl dedicated to sterilizing baby feeding bottles, boil water in a kettle and pour it over the bottles, and keep them in there for a while before taking it out to allow the bottles to sterilize.

Bottle Nipple check: 

Regularly check the nipple of the feeding bottles for wear and tear so that you replace them early and avoid swallowing. Babies usually bite on the feeding bottle nipple when they are about to teeth and when the teeth come.


Store baby feeding bottles and parts in a clean dry covered container.

Warming formula or breast milk: 

Use a bottle warmer to warm the baby’s milk. How to use a warmer or place a baby feeding bottle with milk in a bowl of warm water.

Feeding bottle safety: 

Ensure all the parts of the feeding bottle are properly fixed and well closed before feeding the baby to avoid spillage and burns.

Make sure to follow all the manufacturer’s product instructions in the manual by.