My C-section experience 

What is c-section 

Cesarean section also known as C-section is a major surgical procedure to deliver a baby.

I had two vaginal births and two surgical births and I will like to talk about my C-section deliveries andexperiences during and after the surgery.

I had a smooth pregnancy until 36 weeks into my pregnancy journey. My baby was lying breech, my baby’s head was lying somewhere under my right breast, and could feel it, my pregnancy tummy had taken a very funny shape. 

I cried, I prayed, and wish everything will just change overnight because people have had breech pregnancies change to occipital-anterior. Having had two natural births, I felt terrible about having surgery this time.

My Doctor gave me a week to see if there will be changes. I also tried a few exercises at home with permission from my Doctor. It’s important to let your Doctor or midwife know before you start any exercise. 

When all other options failed I was booked for surgery.

On the day of my surgery, I was prepared and taken to the theatre. My husband went in with me till the surgery was over. He prayed with me throughout the whole procedure.

The surgery lasted for approximately seven minutes by the time everything was over and I was wheeled out to the recovery room was a total of fifteen minutes.

The baby was delivered with the umbilical code wrapped around the neck twice hence the baby’s position.

Recovery started gradually and steadily 

I got out of bed the next day and took my very first step. It was not so easy but I made it gradually to the washroom. By the third day baby and mama were ok to go home.

Now the real deal begins

Healing: I took each day at a time. 

Self-care was one of my main priorities. I was given rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to clean every day, I also took my medication I as instructed because I did not want to put myself and my baby in any bad situation. 

What I ate :

My first food was porridge a very light one made from corn/maize which helps in breastmilk production, I followed up with soups and gradually started adding other nutrient-packed foods. At this point I was eating for healing and breastmilk production, weight can wait for these two things were so important to me.

These were some of the things I inculcated in my food or had in a day.

  1. Guava fruit which is very high in vitamin C 
  2. Oats good for breastmilk production
  3. Palm nut soup or tomato/light soup or any kind of soup
  4. Salads
  5. Cashew nuts 
  6. Wholegrain bread
  7. Green leafy vegetables like spinach 
  8. Eggs
  9. Avocado
  10. Lean meat
  11. Milo Drink
  12. Tea

Within eight weeks I had recovered well and my suture was intact and neatly healed. 

Now my second C-section expectations surgery and recovery… more