Ghanaian foods that can increase your breastmilk production

Breast milk is the one essential foods full of nourishing goodness man was blessed with.

New mums who have decided to choose breastfeeding as a way to feed and nourish their little angels are also concerned about how to get the breastmilk to be rich and in constant flow.

They are nourishing Ghanaian meals that can help increase breastmilk production.

It can be frustrating when you cannot produce enough milk for the baby, most times it makes the restless, and sad and also increase your depression level. Taking in this fluid foods helps a lot and also taking in food with corn /maize base helps. 

Ghanaians have different types of food that have more fluid like soups and corn base porridges. Including them on your menu will help boost your breastmilk production. 

Take each day at a time and do not allow yourself to be stressed, studies have proved that stress can hinder the flow of breastmilk. When you notice that you are stressed talk to your Caregiver. New mums are not superwomen, you cannot do everything on your own, get help when you need it if it’s not coming ask for it. When you get all the help you can you can also have enough time with the baby.

There is a rule that works for breastfeeding The more you express the breastmilk the more the breast produces milk or the more baby sucks the more milk forms. Empty the breast with a pump even after breastfeeding, this will have enough time to feed the baby.

Here are some Ghanaian foods you can add to your menu to boost breastmilk production.


Palmnut Soup

Tomato or light Soup

Groundnut or Peanut Butter Soup

Green or nkontomire Soup

Wrewre Soup



Corn dough porridge 

Corn Stats/Korkli Porridge

Any corn base Porridge will help


Hot Milo Drink

Prekese drink

Lots of Water

Follow me for recipes.

Share with us foods in your area that help to increase breast milk production.

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